Santa Treat Holder

Santa Treat Holder


SUPPLIES SantaTreatHolder
1 piece red 6” x 6” cardstock
1 piece white 6” x 6” cardstock
1 piece pink 2” x 2” cardstock
1 piece red 1” x 1” cardstock
1 piece black ½” x 6” cardstock
1 piece gold 1 ½” x  1 ½” cardstock
1 piece pink, tan or cream 3” x 2” cardstock
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape 30013283
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen 30051737
WeR Envelope Punch Board 30144425
Fiskars ¼” Hold Punch 77178558

Pen/pencil for tracing
Sharp scissors
Mini Foam Pop Dot
Black Sharpie – fine tip 91029 or similar


1. Take the 6” x 6” red cardstock and use the WeR envelope punch board to make a rectangular 3” x 4” envelope.

2. Position the scored and punched piece so that longer length is vertical. Fold in the bottom and side flaps and tape close. Leave the top flap open for the Santa hat.

3. Trace and cut out pieces from the cardstock according to the patterns. Assemble Santa’s head by placing the face onto the top side of the beard and tape down. Next, place the hat trim along the top and tape down. Use the black marker to draw two dots for the eyes. Use the 1/4” hole punch and red cardstock to punch out a nose. Center the nose below the eyes and tape down. Place the pink dots on for the cheeks and tape down. Lastly, use a mini foam pop dot to add the mustache under the nose.

4. Position the head on the body with the hat trim sitting just below the envelope top flap to make it look like the Santa hat. Carefully tape Santa’s Head to the envelope body without taping the opening.

5. Tape the black cardstock strip across the body about 1 ½” from the bottom. Take the two belt buckle strips and lay across the ends of the “H” and glue down to form the buckle shape. Glue the buckle at the center of the belt, a little center. Optional: You can add a white pom pom at the top of the Santa Hat or punch a hole and add ribbon to use as an ornament.

6. Slip in a gift card or flat treats into the envelope pocket.


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