Basic One Straw Round Lei


1 skein Nani Yarn – color of choice
(additional colors are optional)
50” of 3/8” Grosgrain ribbon
2 Kukui nuts – color of choice
18” floral wire – thin
Drinking straw (regular size)

Take the floral wire and make a loop at one end. Slip one end of the grosgrain ribbon into the loop and twist to hold in place. Thread the looped ribbon through the straw. Remove the ribbon from the wire and pull the ribbon about 1-1/2” out of the top of the straw and tape it to the straw. The rest of the grosgrain ribbon will be coming out at the bottom of the straw; this is your main line ribbon. Tie a knot about 12” from the end of the ribbon.

Leaving a 2” tail, tie the yarn to the main line ribbon, below the straw. (NOTE: If you are using more than one type of yarn, hold all of the yarn together and tie the ends as a single knot.)

Hold the straw in one hand and the yarn in your other hand. Wrap the yarn around the straw in a winding motion and be sure to keep an even tension. Slowly, slide some of the yarn off of the straw and onto the grosgrain base ribbon. It is important to always keep some of the wrapped yarn on the straw until you are done with your lei to prevent any uneven gaps in your lei.

Continue wrapping and sliding the yarn onto the main line towards the knotted end. When the wrapped yarn spans from the knotted end and is about about 2” from the bottom of the straw slide all of the yarn off of the straw and knot it securely to the main line. Trim off any excess yarn.

Remove the tape securing the main line ribbon to the straw and slide the ribbon out. Spread the wrapped yarn evenly throughout the lei so it is an even thickness. Knot the beginning of the main line ribbon.

Slip one kukui nut onto each end of the lei and knot the grosgrain ribbon to secure. Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle to prevent fraying. Tie the ends of the ribbon together into a bow to wear the lei.


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