Braided Ribbon Lei


SUPPLIES & TOOLS BraidedRibbonLei
10 yard Spool of Satin Ribbon (color 1)
10 yard Spool of Satin Ribbon (color 2)
OPTIONAL: Rubber bands

1. Pull at least 6-8 inches of each ribbon free from the spool.

2. Decide which ribbon you’ll start with. This is now ribbon 1. Make a slip knot in ribbon 1.

3. Make a little bunny ear-style loop 6-8 inches along ribbon 2. Insert loop 2 through loop 1. Pull loop 1 tight. It should be snug against loop 2, but should not cause any creasing.

4. Using the longer, spool end of ribbon 1, make a loop. Insert this new loop through the loop in ribbon 2. Pull ribbon 2 tight.

5. Fold a new loop in ribbon 2, insert it through the loop in ribbon 1. Pull ribbon 1 snug. You should start to see a checkerboard pattern developing. Repeat until you have your desired length. You can make the lei as long or short as you’d like. (Most lei are about a yard.)

6. When you’re happy with the length, cut your ribbons. Leave at least 6-8 inches free, or more for the bow.

7. Once the ribbons are cut, pull the tail end of the last loop all the way through to finish off the braid and tie a knot.

8. Tie the two ends of the lei together. And finish it off with a bow.

*Prepare each roll of ribbon by unwinding the entire length from the spool. Finger wind ribbon and hold together securely with a rubber band, leaving approximately 18 inches unwound.

Watch Crankin’ Out Crafts Episode 467 – Braided Ribbon Lei on YouTube for video instructions.

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