Flower Fairy


Rose Bush or Rose Stem with leaves or similar flowers
1” Wood Bal 77937854 or similar
Jute Twine 30158911
Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint – Black 77624890 Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint – White 77624882
6 inches of 1/4” ribbon or similar for the bow Colored Pencil – red or pink
Optional: magnet or pinback Scissors
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Thin paintbrush


  1. Remove the rose flower head and one set of leaves from the bush or stem.
  2. Trim apart the set of leaves so that you have just two leaves.
  3. Turn the rose head upside down so that the calyx is on the top. Glue a leaf on either side of the short stem for the fairy wings.
  4. Place the wood bead on top of the stem and glue for the fairy’s head. NOTE: If you are using a wood ball instead, trim the flower stem down as close as possible to the calyx and glue ball on top
  5. For the hair, wrap twine around a 3” scrap cardboard about 16 times. Bundle the twine and use a separate piece of twine to knot to secure. Trim apart the loops. Make another smaller bundle of about four 2” loops for the bangs. Use another piece of twine to bundle and knot in the middle. Trim the loops apart. Glue the longer bundle to the top of the bead for the hair. Glue the bangs right in front on the top of the head. Trim twine to style the hair, gluing down to the head as needed. (NOTE: You can also use Spanish Moss or yarn for the hair)
  6. Take the end of the thin paintbrush and dip into the black acrylic paint. Make two dip dot eyes onto the wood bead. Let dry. Make two tiny dip dots with white acrylic paint onto the black eyes for highlights. Lightly draw in cheeks under
    the eyes with colored pencil or use real make-up blush. Tie a small bow with the ribbon and glue at the neck.
  7. Finishing – you can add a magnet or pinback to the back of your flower fairy. Or, you can use as a decoration on an Easter Tree, in a Fairy Garden setting, for favors or however you wish.

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