Treat Bag Topper Caterpillar


SUPPLIES Caterpillar
Clear Crystal Pack Bag (food safe) – treat size
Cardstock – 1/2” wider than bag when flat and 2 1/2” taller than bag when filled with treats*
(5) 1” circles – cardstock for caterpillar body
(2) 1 1/2” circles – cardstock for caterpillar head
2” x 2” Black cardstock for antennae
(2) 10mm Moving eyes 30055150
6 inches of 1/4” ribbon for bow
Meriken 3/16” Double Stick Tape 30013283
Mini Glue Dots 30001510
Foam Pop Up Glue Dots 3008288
Black Fine Pt. Sharpie Marker 91029 or similar
Brown dye ink pad and sponge for distressing edges
Pink dye ink pad or colored pencil for cheeks
*e.g. – Bag is 3 1/2” wide and is filled to about 3” high. Cardstock is cut 4” wide and 6” tall.

Fiskars Surecut Trimmer 30018131
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board 30103578
Corner Rounder Punch
1 1/2” Circle Punch – Clever Lever (Yellow) 30028731
1” Circle Punch – Clever Lever (Green) 30028719
Fiskars 1/4” Hole Punch 77178558


  1. First, you need to fill the bag with treats to figure out the size of cardstock needed. Do not fill the bag completely to the top, leave room at the top when sealed for the topper. Fill bag and seal. Cut cardstock size. Round all four corners of the cardstock. Place on the MSC Score board with the long length along the top. Score at 1 3/4”. Fold over flap.
  2. Place the filled bag on the cardstock and tape the sealed top under the flap. Staple in place. You can staple backwards and have the staple ends on the flap front; they will be covered by the caterpillar.
  3. Caterpillar – Punch out the five 1” circles and the two 1 1/2” circles. Use the sponge and distress the edges around the circles with the brown dye ink.
  4. Place the 1” circles along the topper flap, overlapping slightly to create the caterpillar body. Be sure to cover the staple ends. Tape in place. Use the black marker to draw in some legs (refer to the pictured sample)
  5. Take the black cardstock and cut two 1/8” x 1” strips for the antennae. Punch out four 1/4” circles with the remaining black cardstock. Sandwich one end of each strip with two of the 1/4” circles, using the mini glue dots. Take one of the 1 1/2” circles and place the straight ends of the antennae behind and tape down. Place the other 1 1/2” circle behind and tape together, sandwiching the antennae ends. Use mini glue dots to attach the eyes. Use the pink ink or colored pencil to draw in some cheeks below the eyes.
  6. Place the caterpillar head on one end of the body. Use a foam dot to attach. Make a small bow with the ribbon and attach below the head.


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