Bunny Treat Slider


SUPPLIES BunnyTreatSlider
6” x 6” White Cardstock for the bunny
4” x 4” White Cardstock for the ears and hair tuft
2” x 3” Light Pink Cardstock for inner ears
3” x 4” Orange Cardstock for the carrot
2 1/2” x 3 1/2” Green Cardstock for carrot top
3” x 3” White Cardstock for the eyes
1 1/2” x 2” Light Blue Cardstock for the eyes
1 1/2” x 2” Black Cardstock for the eyes
1” x 1” Bright Pink Cardstock for the nose
Black Fine tip Sharpie marker 91029
Meriken 1/4” Double Stick tape 30013284
Foam Pop Dots 30008288
Candy Bar, package of M&Ms or similar to slide into treat holder

We R Envelope Punch Board 30144425
1” Circle Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever (green) 30028719
3/4” Circle Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever (green) 30028718
5/8” Heart Punch – Marvy Uchida Clever Lever (orange) 300288682
1/4” Hole Punch – Fiskars 77178558
Pencil for tracing


  1. Use the We R Envelope Punch Board with the 6” x 6” white cardstock and follow the manufacturer’s directions to create a 3” x 4” envelope.
  2. Fold only the 4” flaps in and tape together. Trim off one of the 3” flaps; this will be the top of the bunny’s head. Turn the envelope over.
  3. For the eyes, use the punches to make the different circles. Take the 3” x 3” white cardstock and punch out two 1” circles and two 3/4” circles. Punch out two 3/4” circles from the light blue cardstock. For the black, first punch out two 1/4” holes, leaving space between them. Next, take the 3/4” circle punch and turn it upside down and place over a 1/4” hole. Punch out two circles this way. Layer the black circle with the 1/4” hole over the 3/4” white circle and tape together. Place this on top of the light blue circle, leaving a little of the blue peeking out on the side opposite of the 1/4” hole. Then, place this layered piece on top of the 1” white circle to create an eye. Repeat. (use the pictured sample as reference)
  4. Place the eyes on the top two thirds of the bunny’s head. Attach with foam pop dots. Use the black Sharpie to draw in whiskers below the eyes. Punch out a heart from the pink cardstock and tape to the middle of the whiskers for the nose.
  5. Trace and cut out the pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.
  6. Layer the inner pink ears onto the white ears and tape down. Place the ears at the top of the head and tape to the back. Take the white hair tuft and place between the ears and tape to the back.

  7. Place the carrot on the bottom white flap. Place the carrot top behind the top of the carrot. Tape both down. Use the black Sharpie to draw in detail lines for the carrot as pictured in the sample.
  8. Slip treat behind the bunny head. If you prefer, you can add a 3” x 4” cardstock to the back to create a pocket instead of just sliding the treat in.

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