Bunny Planner Clips


SUPPLIES & TOOLS BunnyPaperClips
2.5” x 2.5” felt in your choice of color
Dark brown acrylic paint
Jumbo paper clip
Thin tip paint brush
Pen/pencil for tracing
Sharp scissors
Low temp glue gun
Low temp glue sticks


1. Trace and cut two bunnies from felt.

2. On the right side of one bunny piece, use the end of the thin paintbrush and make dip dot eyes and nose with the dark brown paint. Refer to the pictured sample for placement. Let dry.

3. Take the other bunny piece and cut a horizontal slit in the center of the body, about 3/8” long; wide enough for the paperclip to fit in.

4. Slip the top of the paperclip into the slit and glue to hold in place.

5. Place the other bunny piece with the face on top of the piece with the paperclip. Align the edges and glue together.

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