Honey Do List

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4”x4” recycled swivel notebook 30107920
4”x4” cardstock for (cover)
5/8”x12” light brown cardstock (hive)
1 1/2”x1 1/2” light brown cardstock (hive top)
1”x1” black cardstock (hive opening)
2 1/2”x2 1/2” yellow cardstock (bee)
Black fine tip Sharpie 10929 or similar
Meriken 3/16” Double Stick Tape 30013283
Foam Pop Dots 30008288

Fiskars Surecut Trimmer 30018131
1” Circle Punch 30028719
3/4” Circle Punch 30028718
Pencil or pen for tracing


1. Unscrew the notepad and remove the chipboard cover. Set the pages and bottom cover on the side for now. Place the 4” x 4” cardstock on top of the cover and tape in place. Use your scissors to trim and round the corners to match the chipboard cover. Punch the hole through the cardstock on the cover with the scissors or similar. Re-assemble the notebook.

2. Take the 5/8” strip of light brown cardstock. Use the paper trimmer to cut pieces into these lengths: 3”, 2 1/2”, 2” and 1 1/2”. Keep the remaining 3” on the side.

3. Take the 1 1/2” x1 1/2” light brown cardstock and punch out a 1” circle for the top of the hive. Center and tape the circle behind the 1 1/2” strip with just half of the circle showing on top.

4. The Hive: – Take one of the 3” strips and place it vertically in front of you. Put a line of double stick tape down the middle. Take the other 5/8” cardstock strips and place each of the strips horizontally on this middle strip, starting on the bottom with the 3” strip, next 2.5”, 2”and lastly the 1 1/2” strip with the half circle on the top.

5. Take your scissors and round the top corners of each strip, meeting the bottom of the next strip on top. Refer to the pictured sample.

6. Take the black cardstock piece and punch out a 3/4” circle. Place in the center bottom of the hive and tape for the hive opening. Place the hive on the cover of the notebook and tape down. Optional: Use the black marker and write on the hive, “Honey Do List”.

7. For the bee, trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Punch out a 1” circle and a 3/4” circle from the yellow cardstock. Place the body pattern onto the 1”circle and use as a guide to trim and taper the circle for the bee’s body. Use the black marker to draw the lines across the bee body, using the pictured sample for reference. Tape the white heart behind the body for the wings. Tape the bee body to the notebook cover next to the hive.

8. Take the 3/4” circle and draw eyes and a smile with the black marker. Use a foam pop dot and glue the head above the body. Use the black marker to draw in the antennae above the head.

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