Dark Side Of The Moon Necklace Duo


Flush cutter
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Clasp spring ring 6mm 30146832
Twist chain-silver plated 30122965
Chain silver, fancy link 30168854 *comes with 3mm split rings to jump rings
Rose gold curved tube 30171634
24 gauge artistic wire 30033270
Fire polish 4mm: (not in order)
Twilight siam ruby 30098475
Pink coral 30098447
Coated silky mauve 30098379
Emerald AB 30098397
Coated opaque pea green 30098377
Cobalt 30098381
Twilight topaz 30098746
Matte luster opaque amethyst 30098423
Light sapphire 30098414
Silver lined topaz 30098463


  1. Start by preparing the chains. The inner chain is 16 inches so cut off two 8 inch lengths of the thinner chain. The outer chain is 18 inches so cut off two 9 inch lengths of the thicker chain.
  2. Take 7 inches of 24 gauge wire and wire wrap it to one end of the thin 8 inch chains. To wire wrap, use the tip of your chain nose pliers, hold the wire about 1 inch from one end and bend the wire into a 90 degree angle. Use your round nose pliers to create a small loop with the short tail of the wire. Before wrapping the loop closed, slip on the end of the thin chain. Now slip on the fire polish beads in a lovely rainbow sequence. Wire wrap the other end of the wire to the other 7 inches of the thin chain.
  3. Take 10 inches of 24 gauge wire and wire wrap the end to one fo the 8 inches of thicker chain. Slip on a rose gold tube and create a wire wrap at the end of the tube but do not trim off the excess wire. Instead, bend the wire into a 45 degree angle, slip on another rose gold tube, and wire wrap the end end to the other 10 inches of thicker chain. Again, do not trim off the excess wire. Slip on another rose gold tube and wire wrap the end to the first tube, thus forming a triangle. P.S. The loop on the bottom of the triangle will allow you to add on a charm if wanted.
  4. Now to put your necklace together open one of the 3mm jump rings that came with the losolo chain. Starting with the left side, attach botht the inner and outer chains to the jump ring, then add the clasp before shutting the ring together. Grab the right side, attach both inner and outer layers together with another jump ring. Then put on your beauty because you are done ^_^

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