Balloon Boutique


SUPPLIES & TOOLS BalloonBoutique
Curling ribbon
(10) 10”x10” cello/mylar sheets
(1) 18” Mylar balloon
(1) Maxi cup 30149341
(1) Maxi stick 30149342
Hand inflator 30149343
Low-temp Glue gun 77536417
Glue Sticks 77533638 


  1. Air-fill the 18” mylar balloon using the hand inflator.
  2. Insert the balloon stem into the large hole of the Maxi cup.
  3. Wrap the stem clockwise and slip the stem into the hook on the cup. (Note there are two hooks on the cup. If the stem is long, use the second hook and bypass the first. If you have a short stem balloon, use the first hook.) Insert the remaining stem of the balloon into the vertical slits for a clean finished look. If your balloon is not secure, twist the entire cup clockwise one-half turn so the balloon sits firmly on the cup.
  4. Take a 10” x10” cello/mylar sheet and gather in the middle and apply a little hot glue to the center. (Use a low-temp glue gun so that the glue is thick.) Glue the cello/mylar directly to the Maxi balloon cup. It will take approximately 10 cello/mylar sheets to surround the cup.
  5. Make a bow using the curling ribbon. Add some more curling ribbon streamers for a little extra fun.
  6. Glue the bow and additional streamers to the bottom of the cello/mylar. Insert the stick into the cup of the balloon.
  7. You can also add a glow stick inside the clear stick for added color and light.

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