Mother’s Day Heart Ring


SUPPLIES & TOOLS  Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.07.16 PM
8” of 16 gauge Silver Wire 30085104 – for ring base
18” – 24” of 26 gauge Silver Wire 30085109 – for crystal wrap
4mm Crystal Bicones – one for each child’s birthstone
Ring mandrel 30141034
Flush cutters
Round Nose Jewelry Pliers
Chain Nose pliers


NOTE: For step-by-step photos to make the ring base, you can go to

Making the ring base -

  1. Take the 8” length of 16 gauge wire and make the heart’s middle loop. Make the small loop closer to the right side of the wire, not quite in the middle of the wire.
  2. Bring the ends of the wire together and cross over the longer left side wire over the shorter right wire to form the heart shape but do not twist together.
  3. Place the heart on top of the ring mandrel. Use your chain nose pliers to bend the left wire 90 degrees down where the two wires meet. Then, wrap the wire around the ring mandrel. Remove the piece to adjust the size of the ring.
  4.  Wrap the left wire around the top of the heart a couple of times. (TIP: At this time, you can cut the end of the wire shorter to make it easier to wrap) Cut off the excess wire with the flush cutters. Use your chain nose pliers to push the cut end closer to the wrap so it doesn’t snag you.
  5. Now, wrap the right wire around the other end at the bottom of the heart. Cut off the excess wire with the flush cutter. Again, use your chain nose pliers to push the cut end into the wrap so it doesn’t snag you.
  6. Place the ring back on the mandrel to shape it more by pressing it close to get a more round shape for the ring.

Adding the crystals- 

7. You are going to add the crystals to the left side of the heart. To get started, take one end of the 26 gauge wire and wrap a few times around the wrapped end you made earlier leaving a short tail. Once the wire is secure, cut off the tail with the flush cutter and use your chain nose pliers to turn the tip inward to avoid snags.

8. Wrap around the 16 gauge wire about 10 times, keeping the wraps closely next to each other but not overlapping. Add your first crystal birthstone. Make sure the crystal is sitting on top of the 16 gauge wire and wrap 3 – 6 more times, depending on how many crystals you are adding. You want to space them out evenly. Add the next crystal and add 3-6 more wire wraps to secure. Keep repeating these steps until you have added all of the crystals. Continue wrapping the 16 gauge wire until you reach the other end of the ring. Wrap the 26 gauge wire with in the wraps of the 16 gauge. Cut off excess wire and turn the tip inwards to avoid snags into a ring to keep its cup shape.

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