Mini Scrapbook With Pockets


SUPPLIES & TOOLS MiniScrapbooksWPockets
(4) 12” x 12” Cardstock – printed or solid, coordinating for pages
(2) 6.25” x6.25” Cardstock – printed or solid for covers
Meriken 1/4” Double Stick Tape 30013284
(24”) 5/8” or 7/8” ribbon for closure
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board 30103578
Paper Trimmer 30088131


  1. Place one of the 12”x 12” cardstocks onto the MSC Score Board, right side up. First, score at the 6” mark. Turn the cardstock 90 degrees and score at the 6” mark again. You should have 4 squares.
  2. Turn the cardstock over. Fold the cardstock diagonally in half, crease well. Turn the cardstock 90 degrees and fold in half diagonally again. You should have an “x”.
  3. Turn the cardstock back over so the right side is facing up. Place a line of double stick tape along the edge of the top left square; top corner down to the horizontal middle line.
  4. Fold up the bottom left square at the diagonal scored line and tape the bottom left edge to the top left edge. This forms a triangle pocket. Tape the outer edges of the pocket together to keep it from flopping open. The resulting shape looks like one section of the quad.
  5. Repeat steps 1- 4 with the other three 12” x 12” cardstocks.
  6. Place the four sections together, back to back. Fold them flat and tape the four sections together, leaving the first one and last one unconnected; these will be the front and back cover.
  7. Cut the ribbon in half. Place one ribbon on each cover and tape in place with the tail hanging out which will be tied together later.
  8. Finish by centering and taping the 6.25” x 6.25” cardstock onto the back of the first and last sections for the album covers.
  9. Fold the album closed and tie ribbons to keep it closed.

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