Flip Book


(4) sheets of 9” x 12” Youth Marker Paper 30144909 or similar*
3” x 9 1/8” Cardstock for cover
Rubber Stamp*
Memento Ink Pad – Tuxedo Black 30103498
Markers and/or colored pencils
Meriken 1/4” Double-stick Tape 30013284
Scraps of white cardstock
Paper Trimmer 30088131
Marth Stewart Score board 30103578

*NOTE: Paper Choice – Use paper that is not too thick so that the pages can be fanned out for the flip book. Make sure that the paper can withstand stamping and coloring.

Rubber Stamp image – Choose an image that can be repeated and lends itself to animation.


  1. Cut paper down to 3” x 4 1/2” for pages. Cut about 24 – 32 pages. Gather pages and make sure one of the 3” edges are all aligned, this will be the side that will be “flipped through”. Staple the other end to create the book. If your stapler cannot staple all of the pages at one time, make smaller books that will be taped together later.
  2. With a scrap of 3” x 4 1/2” cardstock, draw out a sketch of the finished design of the last page. If needed, draw arrows to show the direction of the “animation”. Stamp your image along the design path.
  3. Start building the images for your book from the last page. Slip the sketch behind the last page and stamp.
  4. Turn to the next page and stamp the next image just a little off, according to the design path. Use the sketch as a “trace” guide or follow the previous stamped image. You can flip the pages as you go to see if the images are following the correct animation design path.
  5. After stamping all the images, go back and color them in. TIP: If you are coloring with markers, you may need to put a piece of scratch paper between pages when coloring so there is not ink bleed through.
  6. Finishing – Place the 3” x 9 1/8” cardstock onto the MSC Score Board with the 9 1/8” edge along the top. Score at the 4 1/2” and 4 5/8” points. The 1/8” section is the book’s spine. (NOTE: If your book is thicker than 32 pages, you will need a longer cardstock and you will need to adjust the second scoring point.)
  7. Place three rows of double stick tape along the 1/8” book spine. Place the stapled end of the book into the 1/8” spine to create the book cover. Decorate the cover as desired.
  8. To see the flip book work, hold the spine in one hand and slightly bend the book. Then, thumb flip the pages. If might take a few times to get the pages loose enough to flip smoothly.

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