Beaded Charm Wrap


18” of 26 Gauge Wire (silver- #77186932)
Glass Seed Beads
Glass Beads – assorted
Charm, Oriental coins
Wire Cutter


Measure out 12” – 18” of 26 gauge wire. Find the mid-point of the wire and string your charm on. Separate the ends of the wire and string about 6 seed beads onto each. Bring the ends of the wire together.

With the wires together, string your glass beads onto the double thickness of wire. String enough beads on until your wrap is at least 6” long. You can make it longer by using a longer length of wire.

Leave about 1” of wire on the ends. Separate the ends and string a seed bead onto each end. Bring the wire ends together and twist to secure beads. Fold wire ends over and tuck in sharp ends. Cut off excess wire if necessary.

Use you bead wraps for wine glasses, napkin rings or other embellishments.

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