Ice Cream Cone Charm


Project by Joy Shimabukuro

Cone shape Glass bead #30054895 (Da Beads Brown #5)
14mm White Pearl #30000843
4mm Facet Bead – Red #30006128
3″ Head Pin #30005839
Scribbles Paint – Hot Chocolate #77527788
Scribbles Paint – Butterscotch #77527903
Scribbles Paint – Very Berry Red #77527812
Phone Strap – Pink #30045818
Round Nose Pliers #30024250
Chain Nose Pliers #30024247
Flush Cutters #30024251
Jumbo Paper Clip or similar
Optional: 12mm White Pearl #30000842

Note: Knowledge of wire wrapping terminology and skills is helpful for this project

Preparing your ice cream:
Take the paper clip and unbend the wire to create a stand to hold a bead as shown. Place a 14mm
white pearl onto the wire. Take one of the scribbles paints, depending on your favorite “flavor” and
squeeze paint along the top of the pearl to look like a “topping” Let the paint dry.

To assemble ice cream cone:
Take a 3” head pin and slide the brown cone shaped glass bead on with the pointed side down.
Next place your 14mm white pearl bead covered with the “topping”. This is your “scoop of ice cream”.
Next slide on a 4mm red facet bead for the “cherry on top”.

Keep the beads closely together on the head pin. Take the round nose pliers and make a wire wrap
loop above the red facet bead with the remaining length of wire on the head pin. Wrap wire so that
the beads do not slide around on the head pin. Cut off the excess wire. Slide the loop through the
split ring on the phone strap and attach to your cell phone, bag, etc.

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